Hello, I'm Vetrivel Csamy.

the guy know's how to Design & code

About Me

 I'm a digital superhero!
Aside from the usual flying, iron-melting-lazer-eyes and super-human strength that all self- respecting  comic book heroes come with, my superpowers also include: HTML & CSS  Javascript & Jquery Node.JS Responsive Design 

My Web Philosophy

I love organisation. When I was at university, my favourite part about revising was the organisation of all my files, work and research, because I know how off-putting it is when information is badly presented and poorly structured. Okay, so I'm a geek... But there’s little doubt that this obsession with well-structured content has hitched a ride with me en-route to becoming a web developer. In fact there is no doubt whatsoever. That’s probably why all of my websites are created with content, accessability and usability in mind.


marvel page

Capatin Marvel

Masai School week one I started learing Advanced HTML5 i created capatin Marvel website.



Masai school week two i started learing Javascript, i created Typewriter Using Javascript


Health Advisor

Masai School Week Three I designed for Doctor's Healthly Unit Converter


Leader Board

Masai school week Four I Created Leader Board it's When Someone Hiting High Points they are top.



Masai school Industry Project week I got a Opportunity to create entire nutnbolt website

hangman game reactjs

ReactJS Hangman Game

Masai school week project I Created Hangman Game, Currently it's Official ReactJS community Example